PotterHouse is a Role-play that takes place in the Harry Potter universe. It begins 200 years after the original series. Everything is new for the next generations.
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 Slytherin's common room info

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PostSubject: Slytherin's common room info   Sat May 12, 2018 9:05 pm

Hogwarts, the dungeons


Common area for all the students of Slytherin house


Accessed through a secret entrance, activated by a password

A long, dark stone room, underneath the Great Lake. Green orbs hanging from the ceiling fill the room with an eerie glow. Elaborate carvings decorate the walls. A fireplace gives the dungeon-like room some warmth, though not much. The water from the lake will leave patterns of light on the ground through the windows. Carved chairs are scattered about.
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Slytherin's common room info
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