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 Hufflepuff's common room info

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PostSubject: Hufflepuff's common room info   Hufflepuff's common room info Icon_minitimeSat May 12, 2018 9:05 pm

Hogwarts, basement area (near the kitchens)

Common area for all the students of Hufflepuff house

An enchanted stack of barrels, which will only open the door if the correct barrel is tapped in the correct rhythm. If done incorrectly, a barrel will burst open and cover the intruder with vinegar.

The Hufflepuff common room is a cozy, low-ceilinged room similar to a badger's set. The room is decorated in the cheerful, bee-like colors of yellow and black, with honey-colored wood for the tables and the round doors which lead to the dorms, whose beds have quilts. Plants of all kinds are scattered about. Above the mantle is a painting of Helga Hufflepuff herself. Small, round windows just level with the ground at the foot of the castle show a low view of grass, and, occasionally, passing feet. Even so, the room feels quite sunny.
Hufflepuff's common room info Huffle10
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Hufflepuff's common room info
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